Professional flooring services for commercial and industrial buildings.
Companies that have trusted our services:
  • GE Aviation
  • Montgomery County High School
  • Stanley county YMCA
  • Jerry Hunt Auto sales
  • Kaulig Racing
  • B-Sides Nashville
  • USDA Bowling Green
  • JSOC Ft Liberty
  • Apple Data Center
  • Naval UnderseaWarfare Center
  • Dept of Veteran Affairs
  • Boy Scouts of America

The sky is the limit! We offer services from your traditional maintenance shop floor all the way to multi-color metallics. We specialize in industrial applications including but not limited to: urethane cement, double broadcast quartz, full flake, sporadic flake, as well as grind and seals.

We offer many different polishing processes from cream polish systems all the way to multi-step honing processes. Polished concrete has become very popular in industrial and warehouse applications because it’s low maintenance, easy to clean and visually appealing.

Services we provide in the overlay field include: polish-able overlays, leveling of uneven floors, and resinous rock coatings. Overlays are another option when faced with failing and non-aesthetic substrates.

We offer multiple systems for all clean rooms, data-banks and hospital operating rooms. We specialize in welded vinyl seam floors as well as Dur-A-Flex Accelera and Hybri-flex systems.