Industrial Floor Coatings

Industrial Floor Coatings

Professional Concrete Flooring Solutions specializes in providing flooring solutions in Industrial settings. As time is a very important aspect of your business, we understand the importance of a quick and flawless installation for your company. Professional Concrete Flooring Solutions installs quality floors in reduced time for effective cost recovery. We are experienced in performing difficult projects around the clock to ensure on-time completion.

We install numerous floor covering systems!

Multi-purpose coatings

Used in industrial applications to withstand heavy abuse. It is an appealing solution to industries because it is low maintenance, easy to clean, and attractive. Professional Concrete Flooring Solutions offers 100% solid epoxy systems with color stability that are self-priming, non-blushing, and high gloss. These coatings are formulated for versatility and performance. We also carry a complete line of urethanes from a standard product to a high performance.

Decorative coatings

Due to their combination of aesthetic and protective properties, seamless multi-colored quartz floors have found acceptance in a wide range of applications. The blended, colored aggregate provides an attractive look at a floor depth, enhances wear resistance, and creates texture to provide slip resistance and enhance security. We have advanced light stable resin technology to provide the ultimate non yellowing floor system.

Vinyl chip system

Seamless flooring system that combines non-porous protection with architectural beauty. Select from standard color blends or create a pattern and color scheme unique to each environment. This system features 100% solid materials and incorporates state-of-the-art light stable technology.